CareerBox is a recruitment platform dedicated to changing young people’s lives in South Africa. The Non-Profit Organisation launched in 2013 in response to the urgent need for a way to bridge the skills gap among unemployed young people in disadvantaged areas.

By offering the opportunity for young people, no matter their background, to access high quality, structured training, CareerBox is changing their stories.

CareerBox tailors training towards young South Africans

CareerBox is part of the CCI Group but remains a separate entity. Responsible for placing all entry level agent jobs at CCI South Africa, the platform has so far found jobs for more than 28,000 young South Africans.

MD Lizelle Strydom says: “We’re so proud of the work we’ve done so far, but also of every one of our graduates who we’ve placed at CCI South Africa and our other partner companies. The idea is not only to get them into jobs, but to help them develop a long-term future with career prospects and ongoing training.”

The training programme is specifically designed to equip young people with the skills they need to get a job. And many of the candidates who take this opportunity come from previously disadvantaged communities. These areas have high levels of unemployment and few real job opportunities for young people to meet their potential. CareerBox bridges this gap.

Training includes computer skills, literature and any cultural information candidates need, depending on which of CCI South Africa’s partners they will work for. For example, if they will eventually be assigned to a role within a team that works for one of CCI South Africa’s clients in the UK, this will be included in their training package.

Adds Lizelle: “We’re proud of the work that our team and partners do to make sure every young person that joins the CareerBox programme leaves with a little more hope to go out into the real world and seize the opportunities in front of them.”

Social distancing and PPE at the CCI South Africa Durban call centre

Meet three CareerBox graduates and find out what they think

Here are stories directly from three successful CareerBox candidates who are now working for CCI South Africa.

Nomkhosi Maphymulo – Call centre agent, Supersonic

Through CareerBox I joined the CCI family. I’m currently working on the Supersonic campaign, which makes it possible for me to support my family. My father is elderly and with the COVID-19 regulations in place, he has to stay home to help keep him healthy. This leaves me to take care of most of our household responsibilities.

“Programmes like CareerBox allow young people, especially in struggling areas, to access skills training and development. I am pleased with their decision to open a branch in the township of Umlazi where most young people come from struggling families and where the unemployment rate is

“When I joined CareerBox, I was trained for the campaign that I now work in. But the training was a holistic programme that also included important skills that help to shape me into the professional that I aspire to be. There are many young people like me, who have jobs because of CareerBox and partners. The support they gave me definitely helped me take the next step in my career.”

Simphiwe Nyandeni Simphiwe Nyandeni – Call centre agent, AIG

“After completing my final year in varsity, I couldn’t find a job. A friend told me about CareerBox and it was something I was excited about because I had a child on the way too. I needed a way to take care of my family. Joining the CareerBox programme was informative and educational.

“I am from the township of KwaMashu where most young people are limited to information. I guess coming to CareerBox opened my eyes to the outside world. Since I graduated from CareerBox training, my life has changed a lot. Not only do I have a job, but I also have a new confidence to show up and learn new skills every day.

“My parents are separated, and I am the only one at home who currently has a job. I try to support both my parents financially, and with the difficulties caused by lockdown, working at CCI South Africa means I can help ease the stress at home. I can safely say that I am currently very happy with the way things are, and I am definitely happy with the campaign that I work in.”

Moneece Crouch – Call centre agent, Telkom

“Most companies don’t hire people with no experience, so the CareerBox training was necessary. It gave me the skills needed for my first time in the job. Through this training, any obstacles in the way of my success were removed.

“I received support with gaining the confidence needed in the workplace. This makes it easier for me to use my discretion and not always depend on Management –

a skill every employee requires. Professionally you are measured by your capabilities, and most people start a job not knowing what they are good at. This can hinder career growth, but CareerBox gave me the chance to discover what I am good at, which opens doors for growth and promotions.

“A lot of young women in my area are unemployed and often find themselves in bad positions. This can include using drugs and falling into teenage pregnancy just to get some s financial support from the Government. I think programmes like CareerBox are giving young people hope of a better life and path.”