About CCI Global

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CCI Global delivers high-quality outsourced business process outsourcing (BPO) services to companies all over the world.

Working with a wide range of domestic and international partners, CCI Global is a world-leading BPO service provider.

Sectors include insurance, financial services, telecommunications, media, TV, energy, utilities, retail, and travel.

We deliver business value and real results through end-to-end customer management solutions. These include inbound calls, outbound calls, social media, web chat, email, and digital engagement.

CCI Global – facts and stats

  • Every year we handle 120 million inbound and outbound calls.
  • We serve more than 300 million people.
  • We sell 4.8 million new products every year.
  • And, every year, we retain 1.5 million customers.

Delivering the best BPO services involves enhancing the customer’s experience, as well as improving business effectiveness and efficiencies.

And this is something that we and our partners live by. Our people really do treat our client’s customers as if they are their own. And our partners know that we deliver the best service for them every day.

At CCI Global we take ownership and work together to delight customers and grow businesses.

We achieve this by training and hiring the best people through CareerBox. It’s a not for profit organisation that recruits, trains and develops the skills of young people in South Africa.

It has a mission that resonates with our company values. That is to transform the lives of African youths and build strong African economies. CareerBox believes that education and market-driven skills development are the keys to better futures. And we do too.

CCI Global is the parent company of CCI South Africa, learn more about CCI South Africa here.